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Your contacts in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg

KAEFER België N.V.
Europark Noord 20 B
9100 Sint Niklaas

Phone: +32 3 78915 88
Fax: +32 3 78915 87

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KAEFER Nederland B.V.
Pieter Zeemanweg 145
3316 GZ Dordrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 78 6511 166
Fax: +31 78 6511 088 

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KAEFER Luxembourg S.à.r.l.
Za Gadderscheier
4501 Differdange

Phone: +352 265 958 20
Fax: +352 265 915 58 

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Corporate Headquarters

Marktstr. 2
28195 Bremen
Phone: +49 421.30 55-0
Fax: +49 421.1 82 51

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KAEFER Corporate Headquarters

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All job applications at KAEFER are processed locally and independently of the various companies. To apply, please follow the link below and select the local contact that is relevant to you.

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